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Beautiful, long eyelashes are, without a doubt, an attribute of female beauty. With an eye contour like this, eyes of all colors will look amazing. If long enough, eyelashes can bring out specific eye features and enhance the overall look of the face. If long enough, eyelashes can bring out specific eye features and enhance the overall look of the face. It is worth making sure they look natural, so when choosing false eyelashes, it is best to rely on the experience and knowledge of a stylist.

Our store offers a wide range of high-quality products, including silk, mink fur, and synthetic eyelashes. They are sold in convenient cases, making transport and storage easier. Our false eyelashes are always in perfect condition and ready for use in extension and thickening procedures.

Currently, the most common procedure is eyelash 1:1 extension or 2:1 or 3:1 volume methods. 1:1 eyelashes increase length once over, giving a very natural effect. The volume methods are intended for women who wish to obtain a coquettish, hypnotizing look from under long, curled lashes. Both effects can be achieved by using false eyelashes available in our store. We can also supply you with all the accessories necessary to perform professional natural eyelash extension and thickening procedures. Tweezers, under-eye pads, tapes, products for adhesion and removal of premium false eyelashes will help in performing eyelash procedures on clients.

About us

Exclusivelashes - we distribute professional accessories for eyelash extension. We have spent a lot of time searching for the perfect products to meet our own highest expectations and those of our customers.
We are always seeking out perfect quality, and developing our range. Our company develops dynamically, and the range of available accessories is constantly expanding as we review and launch our tried and tested new products. We offer top-quality products, manually selected and ordered according to eyelash length and curl requirements.



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