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Primer and cleaner

Before an eyelash thickening or extension procedure and the application of false lashes, a client must be properly prepared. For this purpose we offer a cleaner. The product is a liquid for degreasing natural eyelashes, which, like hair, are covered with natural sebum to a higher or lower extent. Using the cleaner, eyelashes can be fully degreased and cleaned before the application of false silk or mink fur eyelashes. This protects from early loss of attached eyelashes.

In order to prolong the eyelash extension effect, it is worth applying a primer. This is a glue enhancer intended for any type of adhesive used in false eyelash application. The primer increases adhesion between a natural eyelash and a false one, which creates a permanent bond and achieves a truely natural effect. It is recommended that a make-up primer is applied to natural eyelashes before work, in order that any glue used for false eyelash application will be effective for longer.

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